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At Hit2hit, upgraded members with credits assigned to their sites receive traffic at other traffic exchanges for free.

Free 1:1 Traffic Exchange with geographic targeting.

Free website traffic for everyone. Earn extra points by surfing, adding the Traffic Ad Bar code to your website or by promoting your Traffic Ad Bar site links.

In the past year we had about 61,831 visitors from trafficswarm and about 1.29% joined us. Thats pretty good.

1:1 Traffic Exchange with Geographic and Interest Driven Targeting.

Flood your site with quality free traffic. With a fast 6 second timer, you can promote your website to more people in less time.

Once a "Pro" only exchange, now open to free members.

Keeping the PRO attitude of results matter, designed to ensure the purpose of what a traffic exhange has to offer. To advertise your online business and exchange traffic with like minded people.

Generate High Flying Traffic to Your Websites, Blogs, Banners, Text Links!

Surf StartXchange, Get Alot of Traffic. StartXchange ranks members by their activity from surfing, refering, purchasing, and using the forum. It then rewards members based on their activity by delivering traffic faster, and giving active members an active downline.

When you first join, you will be given a free new member platinum upgrade, which will last 7 days. After that, your account will revert to free status. You can keep your free account for as long as you want. (If you are an active surfer, you can earn lots of traffic this way, and it won't cost you anything.) If you have less time to surf, or you simply want to earn more credits, there are 3 upgrade levels available. Upgrade your account to Silver, Gold or Platinum, and you will earn more credits per site view than free members, more referral credits, monthly bonus credits, plus commission on referral upgrades and purchases. Gold and Platinum members also receive random referrals. (There is more information on the different account types inside the members area.)

Increase your web traffic with MaxTrafficPro. Traffic to the Max.

Experience for yourself why we are quickly becoming one of the
best quality traffic exchanges on the net.

Give your clicking finger a rest and Surf by hovering instead.

With our custom built Click and Surf System you earn Traffic every time you visit another member's webpage, Plus you earn credits from your own referral's surfing as well. Each time they surf to earn credits you will automatically earn credits too. The more members you refer, the more credits and commission you earn... plus you'll increase your website traffic.
Join now and be a part of a system that allows you to earn both traffic and cash from your promotional efforts.

The more you surf the more you win. One of the longest running hit exchanges just got better.

Get a FREE traffic downline of up to 2500 in as little as a week!
Up to 100 new members added to your downline every month!
Earn thousands of hits to your website every week!

Responsive traffic and a very addictive lottery game make FreeTrafficLotto a very active traffic exchange. Free lotto ticket for every 8 pages surfed. Win traffic and cash prizes every week.

Get a Free Gold Membership at 10kHITS4UNOW Traffic and Lead Generating system. Fast 10 second surf for hits system with Exclusive downline builder, voice support and more.

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