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Pierre PLACIDE, from Naples Florida. United States (Read 6692 times)
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Naples, FL
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Pierre PLACIDE, from Naples Florida. United States
04/12/10 at 00:08:16
Hi, my name is Pierre PLACIDE from Naples, Florida, United States. I'm married to Patricia and we have one child. I have been an Internet Marketer for many years looking for ways to make extra money. Now, I work part time from home and it is my dream to be able to work full time from home in the future. >:(

After researching several business ideas, I decided to create my own Internet Home Business. I personally use a great site called SWOM. It's is a new Social Networking for all marketers through the World, with a great compensation plan. Plus it's free to join! :-[

Being Affiliate Marketer, I'm also associate with other Internet Business Companies to promote their products and services. Other than Internet Marketing I enjoy reading a good book, watching a good movie and doing computer programming. :P
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4245 Heritage Circle
Naples, Florida 34116
United States

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