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Concerning "TrueViewTraffic" Traffic Exc (Read 3208 times)
John Eline
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Concerning "TrueViewTraffic" Traffic Exc
10/23/08 at 03:34:19
Hi Ieuan,

Yesterday I was trying to join the "TrueViewTraffic" Traffic Exchange
and things went OK until it got to the point of receiving the verification
email, I never got it.

So today I tried again and this time I couldn't get to their website. I
get a "Page Load" error page. So either the site is down for some
reason or it's gone!

If this Traffic Exchange is gone, will it be replaced?


John Eline

P.S. I found another Start Exchange that's not working. It's
"Magnify Traffic". I was signed up with them but now I can't
get access!!
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Ieuan Evans
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Re: Concerning "TrueViewTraffic" Traffic Exc
Reply #1 - 10/23/08 at 18:17:41
I can access both sites fine. Can you access the sites now?
From what you described, it sounds like TrueViewTraffic and MagnifyTraffic may have just moved servers. If that is the case, you should be able to access the sites as soon as your ISP picks up the new DNS settings.

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