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Paid downline builder list for Clicksmatrix.com (Read 2036 times)
Steve Sartain
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Paid downline builder list for Clicksmatrix.com
08/15/08 at 02:57:17
We have over 40,000 members but have only just gotten paypal to agree to let us use then again, after 2 years of arguing (I never give up - British Bulldog Breed you know Smiley ) with them over whether we were MLM and autosurfing or not.

For the record I must say now we are not.

This time however I want to give members are much chance as possible of having (notice not building) a paying downline.

Therefore I am hoping Traffictornado will add a paying downline thread to this forum, for forum members who want to have a paying downline and are prepared themselves to pay $5.00 per month for paid membership, will be able to do so.

There are some simple rules in order for this to work right, a) members "reserve" the next spot, signup, upgrade, then add their referrals link with confirmation that they are in.

You know the kind of thing, "I'M IN UNDER YOU" type thread. It works best on a forum and will repay you most of your membershup fee with just one member under you.

We must make money to pay for servers etc, so I'm not going to pretend that money grows on trees ok, but I would rather make $1000 from 40,000 members paying and earning than $2000 from 200 members paying and earning nothing, its as simple as that.

You don't need my permission to start this, or any technology, just a desire to be able to grow together and make money, just having one line filled means you gain double surf ratios, free credits each month, double bonuses, paid members only downloads and just one more paying member below you from your own efforts to get into profit using our "scheme", which is not mlm.

I have just completed building a new surfbar system that uses different amounts of credits depending on which surfbar timer you are using, the faster the timer the less credits you use, as an advertiser. So on the 10 second surfbar it only costs advertisers 0.5 credits, this is a first.

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