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BEWARE of This e-Gold Problem! MUST READ!! (Read 8433 times)
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BEWARE of This e-Gold Problem! MUST READ!!
05/02/06 at 21:04:05
Hi everyone!
Sorry if this is in the wrong place - I wasn't sure where to put it - I figured this is the area that ppl visit regularly and I wanted everyone to see it. Admin - if you need to move it, s'okay.


I had an interesting thing happen when I went to log in to e-Gold today and check my balance.  I typo-ed the e-Gold address. This is what happened:

I had typed wwwe-gold.com - forgot the 'dot' - realized my mistake but the page was already loading so I waited, intending to re-enter the addy...

As I waited, the wwwe-gold.com - instead of turning up as 'error' or something,
IT CHANGED TO A SIMILAR-LOOKING ADDRESS, easily mistakable - but my taskbar/tab changed to the proper 'www.e-gold.com' !!!  

In the address window, wwwe-gold.com changed to www.e-qold.com ('dot' inserted and a 'Q' replacing the 'G'!). I had to look really hard 'cos 'g' and 'q' look pretty darn similar in certain fonts, right?

Anyhow - I was at, what looked to be the main e-gold page. Seriously it appears EXACTLY the same as the real e-gold page.

I clicked 'access account' just to see what was up.
Address location changed to " www.e-qold.com/web/3htm/ " and the page looked exactly the same as the login at e-gold - just WAITING to let me enter my account number and password and take my info to who knows where!!! (It is supposed to say something like: "egoldaddress - slash - account something - slash - login.html" not indicate someone's 3rd htm page or whatever!!)

As well - none of the usual e-gold security signs showed up while I was on this site.
Usually at e-gold, the browser address/location bar changes colour to indicate a secure site - plus a 'lock/padlock' icon appears at the edge of the address/location bar - to show that you're at the secure e-gold site.

None of those usual safety indicators showed up.

So - I bookmarked and tried the 'whois' link in my browser - and THAT also did something funny - indicating no message of any kind (usually that procedure tells you something even if it's "site not found" but the page went white, blank and stayed that way - browser wasn't 'froze' or anything - just went to a completely blank screen).

I deleted cookies, closed my browser and did a spyware and antivirus swipe before I came to TAS.

My spyware identified a 'possible hijack attempt' and when I looked it up on 2 spyware info sites that I use, according to the software I use, the info I entered couldn't be found.............
But at least whatever cookie/??/whatever it was if off my computer now.....what a hassle - because I mis-spelled the egold address lol

PPL, Please be careful of your typos!!!

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Re: BEWARE of This e-Gold Problem! MUST READ!!
Reply #1 - 05/15/06 at 06:05:45
Great info.
Also have rec'd emails from various spam artists and things are missing in the to who and the redirect addy. As you said misspelled www

So lets all be carful and do our thing to help delete this problem.

Mike     resman4


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