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A Winning Attitude! (Read 3150 times)
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A Winning Attitude!
03/03/06 at 19:46:50
Hi, All

The foundation to all success is a "Winning Attitude"

It's true, your attitude at the beginning of a task will determine your outcome.

For all to know, Captkirk (Me) can never FAIL.  

Failure isn't an option for me. REALLY!

I can't fail but I have had alot of learning experiences.

Out of all situations positive or negative, I have a:

1) Outcome

2) Results

3) Feedback

4) Learning

5) experience

6) etc...

As you can see from the above list, I can't fail.  Never!

Since I can't fail the question is, what would I do if it was impossible to FAIL. The answer: is anything I desire.

I look at the Glass of Water being Half-full instead of Half-Empty.

When people say it Can't be Done. I say why not?

I think outside of the box as most of this forum know.

You may ask, will a Winning Attitude alone may you successful?

The  answer would be NO!  A Winning Attitude and maybe a $1.00 will buy you a cup of coffee.

But, a Winning Attitude is part of the equation for success.

The other part is "ACTION!"

Winning Attitude + Action (Right ACTION)= Success!!

With This winning combination I have alway come out on top.  Even if it's just a learning from my experiences (See, I Can't fail).

So Forum, Share with us how a "Winning Attitude" have helped you or could help you on your journey to success?
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