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Joining programs and Referral ID's (Read 7700 times)
Ieuan Evans
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Joining programs and Referral ID's
12/03/05 at 13:36:01
Joining programs and Referral ID's

When you join a program, you will be assigned a referral link (also called referral URL) which you use to promote the program. You don't enter your entire referral links in TrafficTornado, just the ID part which will usually be the username you used when joining or a number given to you by the program. Either way, the ID to enter will be a number or user ID that is part of your referral link, usually at the end of your referral link..

When joining the programs, most will send you an activation link via email. It is essential to click on this link to activate your membership in these programs.
When joining the startpage programs, you must enter a link to promote and surf at least a few pages right away to activate your membership. Some sites, require a set number of pages surfed in order to activate your membership, often 25 pages but it may be higher on some exchanges
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