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need to know about this site (Read 6246 times)

need to know about this site
06/19/05 at 18:12:48
well i have never done this i went to your signup and its like really nothing then it lists alot other places to put my sites.
well what does this site. actule do?
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Ieuan Evans
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Re: need to know about this site
Reply #1 - 06/20/05 at 13:40:43
Hi Shawn,
Promoting all the programs together is much more efficient than promoting the programs seperately in terms of building traffic.

Just enter your referral ID,s for the programs and promote your traffictornado URL.

You will be directly promoting all the programs externally as well as internally from members joining under you.

The more active members you refer to each of the programs, the more residual traffic you will build as a result of the referral traffic earnings from each site. (Some sites also give commissions on traffic sales as well).

You referral ID,s  here also have 100% ID Flowthrough no matter how many levels deep.

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