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Question on my Referral Status?? (Read 4917 times)
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Question on my Referral Status??
10/09/04 at 01:00:07
Hi Traffic Tornado people,
I currently have 4 direct members under me in
my downline and I noticed that I am not getting
any of them as refferals in my Traffic Exchanges?
I looked at the first few assuming they or at least
1 or 2 would be in my referral line and they are not.
Could you let me know why this would be?
I also am not showing any hits on Any of my Exchanges
and I surf every day. I did hit update and it still showed 0.

Thanks for any help!  Smiley

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Ieuan Evans
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Re: Question on my Referral Status??
Reply #1 - 10/10/04 at 11:52:56
Hi Angela,
Sometimes, people do join and not do anything while others are quicker off the mark and join a great many programs straight away.

You can contact your direct downline through the members area.

The "Update Buttons" just updates your ID's when you add a new ID for one or more of the programs.
The "Hits" are updated in real time. No need to do anything.
Clicking "UPDATE" though without entering a new ID for any of the programs, resets the Hit counts back to zero.

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