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3step (Read 4130 times)
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08/14/04 at 04:29:49

Hi captkik ? Nice to see you here.  captkirk you seem to find all the really good forums and  tools on the net ?

Anway just a general question to the group. How effective is 3step?  Just wondering peoples results after signing up for the 4000 visitor credit feeder program and/or the intern program ?  I am after results in how many people signed up to 3step and the other associated programs i.e. Bang for Buck.

I guess results could vary depending on the time of the year you signed up, so if you could give an indication of when you signed up as well it would be much appreciated.

One of the advantages I see with 3step and associated programs  is their strictness i.e. you have to keep surfing to stay a member.  habits->character->success.

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Re: 3step
Reply #1 - 08/23/04 at 18:29:10
You get alot of extra traffic traffic from the 3step membership.
Its not just the web hosting, you have to look at the whole package.

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