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Message started by Quadrajusmus on 01/03/15 at 02:06:34

Title: What's next
Post by Quadrajusmus on 01/03/15 at 02:06:34

Hi Everyone!
I'm new here at Traffic Tornado.
Presently, I'm using 6 traffic exchanges. I found only 4 of them on the list here.
1. I entered my 4 IDs of my traffic exchanges that I'm already using.
2. I copied my Traffic Tornado link and entered it in my 4 traffic exchanges.
What must I do next. Must I still surf my traffic exchanges or what? Because when I click on 'Surf Links', it takes me to the page that shows me 'Blue links = Joined. Grey links = Not Joined'
My 4 traffic exchanges are shown in 'Blue'

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