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Message started by Herman C Jensen on 09/29/04 at 04:34:13

Title: Start Page
Post by Herman C Jensen on 09/29/04 at 04:34:13

Do I have to join all 32 of those programs in order to get started with earning credits and referrals?  ???

Title: Re: Start Page
Post by Forum Admin on 09/29/04 at 22:28:22

Just start with a few programs.
Take it one program at a time.
You should be surfing the exchanges as soon as you join in order to activate your account.

Title: Re: Start Page
Post by lilainjil on 04/02/08 at 22:50:06

Have we any recourse if we have objections to joining/promoting one or more of these sites? One in particular falsely advertises itself on more than one point.

Title: Re: Start Page
Post by Ieuan Evans on 04/03/08 at 12:56:04

Which Program?

Title: Re: Start Page
Post by lilainjil on 04/03/08 at 19:03:41

It actually depends on where you are whether this is false advertising or misrepresentation. The name, USFreeAds, implies an American-run free ad service. In fact, it is UK-run, governed by UK law, and most of the things "we" use TE's and ad services for are NOT allowed to free members.
My friends in the UK are hardly familiar with UK law, so how is anyone else supposed to know their rights and responsibilities under those laws?
So much content is denied to free members, and such general terms are used in their TOS, that I was unable to come up with a single ad which might not break the rules. [Yes, TrafficTornado links would be forbidden to free members under the TOS as stated.]

Title: Re: Start Page
Post by Ieuan Evans on 04/04/08 at 16:02:40

Looking up some traffic stats for USFreeAds shows that the traffic is worldwide but the percentage of US visitors is very high. I don't see why being UK run makes any difference. Several of the programs listed in TrafficTornado are run by owners from outside the United States including owners in the UK.

The affiliate program is Free and is seperate from the Classified Ad account.

If we could include an option to not promote a particular site, I'm not sure how that would work because the ID's entered don't just get passed down to your direct referrals, they can pass down multiple levels.

Title: Re: Start Page
Post by lilainjil on 04/04/08 at 21:06:25

I have never had a problem with joining a UK-run site, or I would not have joined here. My hangup is with any site passing itself off as something it is not. "HongKongTraffic", served from Bahrain, would not get a signup from me. Otherwise, any site, any location is quite alright.
Since I have no reasonable recourse, I'll give it a try.
Thanks for your time.

Title: Re: Start Page
Post by eldoctor170 on 01/14/10 at 01:41:35

no i think a few programs

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